If The Sharkweek EP was the experiment, and their debut full length Circulation was their exploration – Divorce is JPNSGRLS’ explanation. Out this summer – lead singer and songwriter Charlie Kerr tries to move away from typical (and topical) indie rock cliches. The result is an album of unorthodox love songs; about letting go rather than holding on, about love as a two way street, about what could have been, and about how we approach love in the modern world. While love – and loss – lead Divorce’s strong message, the music – provided by bassist Chris McClelland, original guitarist Oliver Mann (continued by new member Colton Lauro), and drummer Graham Serl – is what takes the listener on the journey that only JPNSGRLS are capable of. It’s left to the band to hold this together – from the instantly-recognizable guitar riff of “Bully For You” that carries the intro into an explosive full-band attack, to the immediate punch of reverb-laden strums as the opening notes in “Oh My God”, to the pulsating drum beat and rapid fire guitar in “A Girl From A Different Dimension”, which harks comparisons to your favourite catchy rock groups from the early 2000s – be it The Hives, The Strokes or The Libertines, showcasing the record’s textured blend of bold garage rock and excellent production. In spite of a polished finish, the album captures the essence of their much lauded live show, which has been cited as “full of intensity and gusto” (Nottingham Live), “chaotic energy” (Coog Radio), and “tremendous” (Huffington Post).