Xavier loves house music. Let’s go back to where it all began in 2001. Breakbeats were what he fell in love with at first and buying one of his first records, being a Staton Warriors tune, the journey was off to a good start. Shortly after this, he made a good friend Wes Beanz, who he teamed up with to create W.A.X, a monster duo aimed at destroying every dance floor in existence and with this duo in hand for about 7 years opened for almost every international breaks dj in the world; from A Skillz to Krafty Kuts, Deekline to Plump Dj’s and countless others. But hard love often falls short and Xavier’s light for breaks dimmed when the Breakbeat world stopped delivering the uptempo and magical broken beats he always loved, which lead him to falling in love with house music.

It’s now 2015. An International residency on Koh Tao in Thailand, 150+parties, 200+ opening gigs and a few memorable headlining slots, he’s still pushing his boundaries. House music holds no boundaries and in Xavier’s ears, there’s nothing better than a heavy synth, accompanied with perfect vocals, and backed up by a killer bassline, all in the keys of house of course. Xavier spends hours upon hours at time, endlessly digging for something better than what you heard last night. The wonder kid has played at Tall Tree Music Festival countless times, is making a debut appearance at BC’s super-west coast party Song & Surf next year and is aiming fiercely to play at Shambhala Musical Festival one day. There is that magic in djing, that passion and love that we don’t see as much anymore; don’t miss one of Xavier’s sets, cause you’ll see it, bright as day.


Hello friends!

It’s safe to say that it has been a while since our team has last seen you on the beautiful shores of Port Renfrew, and we hope that despite the global pandemic that you are safe, healthy, and staying out of *some trouble.

We’ve been asked by many of you about Song & Surf 2022 and beyond, and since we don’t wish to keep inquiring minds, well, inquiring, so here is our update. Like all events, especially indoor ones, we are patiently waiting to hear from Dr. Bonnie Henry on what fall/winter looks like with the new vaccine passports and future provincial health orders. Simply put, until the government makes more concrete decisions on indoor events, we will continue to sit tight and remain optimistic. But you knew that anyway.

When we have more news, we will post it on our social media channels first. Please follow us there.

Stay safe out there, friends. Be well and for goodness sake, stay a little weird, won’t you?

Team Song and Surf